Otelo Vertrag mit switch

By 1 augusti, 2020 Okategoriserade

To all plans except Flex these data add-ons valid for 4 weeks (full 28 days with auto-renewal, regardless of base plan) can be added: Hello, I have an O2 prepaid SIM now. I want to get it ported to Winsim postpaid contract from O2 prepaid. Please let me know how do I proceed ? If you do not use your prepaid card for a long time (problably more than 9-12 months) they may terminate your CallYa contract. You will receive a German SMS asking if you want to keep your CallYa card. Then you have 4 weeks to make a rechargeable activity to your card (making a call, sending SMS or do a top-up) to keep it stay active. When the deadline expires, your CallYa shall be blocked and inactive accordingly. Da es sich hierbei um einen Vertrag mit einmaliger Prämie handelt, halten wir das Ausfall-Risiko eh für gering. Ansonsten über Verivox mit Auszahlung wählen und sich anschließend selbst was Feines davon gönnen: > www.handyraketen.de/otelo-allnet-flat-classic_30356/ (kommt aber nicht an die Prämien-Gegenwerte bspw. einer Nintendo Switch ran) Hello Ben, I am using vodafone call-ya sim card.

Time to time I use to recharge for 15 euro. May be every 40 days I recharge for 15 Euros. Now I want to use the same number but with Congster. How to do it? I have no contract with Vodafone (I just bought only the SIM card online). When ever I don’t have enough money in my sim, I use to recharge for 15 Euros. Their prepaid card is called “CallYa” and available at their stores (store locator) and many more outlets for 9.95 € with 10 € credit or 14.95 € with 15 € credit. If you have a German postal address, you can order a free unregistered Freikarte online to be delivered by mail within a few days. Good day. I’m Uzoma.

I have contact with Blau. Which I’m happy it. But have to wait till the end of the contract. I want to know if is possible to transfer my contact and number to another network. Thank you Hier mal schnelle meine aktuelle Erfahrung mit Logitel und dem hier beschriebenen Angebot. Gestern bestellt und per PayPal bezahlt. Heute Versandbestätigung und morgen wird geliefert. Bisher also alles top. zu otelo kann ich natürlich noch nichts sagen 2.